JPOS eLiquor Download Instructions
  • You will be downloading 3 separate files:
  • update.csv - has info for all liquors
  • costs.csv - contains your cost info for only the items on sale
  • retails.csv - contains the retail info for only the items on sale
go to (this link will open in a new tab so you can bounce between this instruction page and the Maine Beverage website)
sign in using your Maine Beverage name and password - if you don't already have a user name and password you will need to contact Maine Beverage.
click Reports Manager instruction picture
click Product Catalog instruction picture
Downloading the update.csv file:

For the update.csv file
select Regular Pricing
select Agency Store Product Catalog
then click Filter
instruction picture
wait for page to completely load. To be sure all of the data has finished loading, you can watch the progress bar or spinning circle in tab title. It varies by browser. The data in the table is listed alphabetically so you should also scroll down to the bottom of the list to see that it ends with a liqour that begins with the letter "Z". instruction picture
Click Export to File CSV button. If you are using Internet Explorer and Windows7, you will see an image similar to the one shown at right. Click the small black down-triangle to the right of the Save button.
instruction picture
A pop up menu should appear. Click Save As instruction picture
You can save file to wherever you please.
For this example we'll save it to the Desktop.
Click Desktop (upper left of window) The image on the right is for Windows 7. Windows XP will be similar but not exactly as shown. But the idea is the same. You want to save each of these 3 files you will be downloading to a location that you can later find.
instruction picture
Now change the name to update. Because the "Save as type" already has CSV File (*.csv) - there is no need to enter update.csv. Just enter update for the file name. instruction picture
You should get confirmation of the download. For Windows 7 the confirmation will look like this image. instruction picture
Downloading the costs.csv file:

For the costs.csv file
select Promotional Pricing
select Agency Store Product Catalog
Select the correct month and year
click Filter
instruction picture
Follow the instructions above but instead of update, you will change the file name to costs (exactly as shown to the right) then click Save. instruction picture
Downloading the retails.csv file:

For the retails.csv file
select Promotional Pricing
select Retail Catalog
Select the correct month and year
click Filter
instruction picture
Follow the instructions above and this time change the file name to retails (exactly as shown to the right)Then click Save. instruction picture
You have now downloaded all 3 files so you may log off Maine Beverage web site.

When you are ready to update the liquor pricing you will run JPOS eLiquor program.
You will no longer use the download button. Instead, you will highlight each of the 3 files you just downloaded (one at a time)
click the Validate button
then click the Process button.

Detailed instructions are below.
instruction picture
Step 1:
You will first verify that the download contains "good" data, then you will process the file to actually update the data in your databse.

In our example we saved the 3 files to our Desktop. To show the files on our desktop we need to navigate to the Desktop folder. If you already know how to do this you can skip this section.
Double-click the C:\ folder (the folders are shown in the large box on the left side of the eLiquor application).
- For WindowsXP: double-click the Documents and Settings folder. Then double-click the current user's name (it may be User or Cashier or other), then click the Desktop folder.
- For Window7:double-click the Users folder. Then double-click the current user's name (it may be User or Cashier or other), then click the Desktop folder.
Now you should see the 3 files you downloaded. You may have to scroll down the list of files if you have many files on your Desktop.

1st File - update.csv
Highligh the update.csv file. Then click the Validate button.
instruction picture
You should get confirmation that the data is valid. Click OK to close the box. instruction picture
A text file will open in Notepad showing the items that will be updated. (Note that nothing is actually updated until you finish the Process part of this procedure).

Look over this text file to make sure the data looks good. When you are satisfied that the data is correct, close Notepad.
instruction picture
Now click the Process button to actually process the data in the update.csv file and update your database. instruction picture
You will see the dialog box shown on the right. Check the appropriate checkboxes and click OK. instruction picture
Once the program has finished processing the update.csv file, a window will appear with all the the items that have been updated. Look over the item list to make sure everything looks ok. You can edit any line item in the list by double-clicking on it. Close the list window when you are finished inspecting and editing.
Occasionally, there will be liquor items that seem to get missed by this update process. Typically this is because the UPC on the bottle in your store no longer matches the one in Maine Beverage's database. This can occur when the manufacturer has changed something for that bottle. The JPOS eLiquor program uses the UPC and NOT the product SKU (re-order number) to locate items to be updated. For these items, you will have to manually update them until you have sold out of the ones with the old UPC.
instruction picture

2nd File - costs.csv
Now hightlight the costs.csv file and follow the instructions starting with Step 1 above. Then do the same for the retails.csv file.
3rd File - retails.csv
For the retails.csv file, you will be prompted to input the starting and ending dates of the sale. Enter the correct dates and click OK.
instruction picture
If you need help with any of this, please email Bill (