Remote Desktop
Establishing a remote desktop connection from your home to your business

click the Start button

click All Programs

click Accessories

click the Remote Desktop Connection icon
if you don't see the Remote Desktop Connection icon (on some versions Remote Desktop is in the Communications folder) click the Communications then click the Remote Desktop Connection icon

find Remote Desktop shorcut
The Remote Desktop Connection window will appear:

in the Computer field enter either:

  • the external IP address at your business. This is usually the IP address of the router at your business - (for example - to find your IP address: one easy way is to go to from any computer inside your store. A screen will appear showing your IP address.


  • your domain name - (for example

After the IP or domain name, enter a colon followed by the port number. (use port 3391 to connect to Station1, 3392 to connect to Station2 and so on. Examples: (if using IP address) - (if using a domain name)

In the User name field (if you don't see the "User name" field, click Options >> to expand the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box to the advanced view) enter a user name that has remote desktop priviliges such as Administrator

click Connect

Simple view: - click the "Options >>" button  to view the Advanced view
Remote Desktop Simple Options
Advanced view: - click the "Options <<" button to view Simple view
Remote Desktop Advanced Options
this window may appear:
if it does, click Yes to allow the connection
Windows Firewall Security Warning
Once you connect you should see this screen - the user name will be whatever you entered from the steps above.

Enter the password in the Password field

click OK

If you are not able to connect:

  • is the computer you trying to connect to (the host computer) turned on?
  • have you set up the host computer to allow a remote desktop connection?
  • is the router at your business set up to forward the correct port(s) (3391, 3392 ...) to the correct computer(s)?
  • has Windows Firewall on the host computer been set up to allow a connection on the correct port?
  • have you entered the correct IP address or domain name?
  • has the Windows Registry on the host computer been set up to specify which port Remote Desktop will use?
Remote Desktop Logon Screen